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Treadway Industries

Treadway Industries
Foam Shapes architectural details for residential and commercial construction- moldings. Cornices, quoins, keystones, columns, capitals, bases, and more; 3D signage, visual merchandising, etc.

Commercial Residential Construction
The construction industry is perpetually using alternate materials to improve aesthetics, costs and ease of application. This allows architects and designers to achieve new levels of beauty in architecture. Treadway Industries continues to furnish architectural elements from the ground up, giving the client the option of determining what material works best.

Dimensional Signage The impact of three-dimensional elements in conjunction with colorful graphics puts any sign or billboard into a whole new light. Treadway Industries’ lightweight elements are perfect for accentuating the effectiveness of your message and the design possibilities are endless.

Themed Facade
Treadway Industries established itself through the grandeur of facade work. The ability to recreate an exquisite piece of history or mirroring the fantasy of the designer is our specialty. As Treadway has evolved so have the requirements of an industry. Our expertise traverses into the realm of GRG, GFRC, FRP, EPS with our Polygarde coating and cast urethanes.

Motion Picture Tevevision Production
The union of artisans and Treadway’s vast technology provides the entertainment industry with an expedient, high quality product. The availability of various materials gives the client a choice and opens a doorway of possibilities.

Themed Environments
The growth of themed environments is apparent. Stores, restaurants and other venues are discovering the benefits of theming to attract a larger clientele. Placing a customer into your thematic world assures a higher percentage of return customers. Diverse materials offer a myriad of opportunities, whatever theme you choose our abilities are custom built to accommodate your design.

Visual Merchandising / Store Fixturing
Visual merchandising has long relied on the flexibility that Treadway can provide. In the race to keep your business out in the public eye, we can enable a retailer to remain in the forefront of their market.


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