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Viroc is a cement bonded particle board composed of wood particles and Portland cement. Viroc fabricates like wood and has a smooth surface. It can be used for interiors and exteriors and is constructed in such a way and made of a mixture of materials that make it an outstanding product able to resist fire and water. Viroc also has high impact resistance and signigicant acoustic performance.

Virodeck is a T2 cement bonded particle board and is intended for use in both interior and exterior applications. Type T2 boards have very high levels of performance in the presence of moisture and have a high resistance to fire.

Virodeck Characteristics Chart
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Virodeck Physical Properties
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Please call RES for floor and ceiling 1 hour and 2 hour assembly.

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VIROC Your Best Defense Against Termites.

VIROC stands Lip to more than weather, fire and thaw. This exceptional cement bonded particle board resists one of the most dreaded and costly threats any homeowner faces - termites.

To prove it, Allied Building Products commissioned the University of Hawaii at Manoa to test VIROC's termite resistance. We didn't pit it against just any termite. We chose the most destructive species on 3 continents;

The Formosan subterranean termite.

Formosan termites will eat through metal, plastic and asphalt to get to anything that contains wood fiber. Ten times more voracious than native termites, Formosan colonies can consume a half ton of wood a year.

And they're spreading. Formosan colonies currently infest 14 states, Experts predict that number to rise.

Americans already spend nearly $2 billion annually to eat and repair Formosan termite damage. We knew if VIROC could withstand these monsters, then no termite could overpower it.

During the extensive testing, wafers cut from standard VIROC panels and Douglas fir were evaluated. The top and bottom water surfaces were finished smooth. The cut edges were unfinished and rough in appearance.

Each sample was exposed to 400 Formosan termites every day for 28 days. The results were nothing short of astounding.

Termites virtually destroyed the Douglas fir wafers over the four weeks. However, VIROC wafers showed either no attack or minor superficial attack only to the cut ends.

While Douglas fir wafers lost at least half their original weight to the Formosan termite attacks, VIROC wafers actually gained weight due to slight moisture uptake, However, unlike other composite materials that absorb moisture, VIROC's dimensions and structural integrity remained consistent and strong.

Termites Would Rather Die Than Feed On VIROC

In a no-choice test where termites were forced to feed on VIROC or die, termite mortality was more than twice that of the groups feeding on Douglas fir, and all the soldier termites (who must be fed by worker termites) died in the VIROC No Choice test.

The evidence is clear and documented. VIROC is your safest, most cost-effective, weapon against termites

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Case Studies
The following is an RES project using Viroc boards.

Case Study #11
Ceilings / Government

Case Study #16
Flooring / Manufacturing

Case Study #31
Flooring / Commercial

Case Study #43
Flooring / Residential




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