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BrickFast Panel

BRICKFAST’s unique sliding track design allows thin bricks to mechanically fasten to the panel. This patented design uses precision cuts to ensure a smooth, secure fit. BRICKFAST is made of 28 gauge G60 hot dipped galvanized steel, and meets or exceeds ASTM A653. Also meets ASTM E330 (transverse windload), and ASTM G23 (accelerated weathering). 


HydroTex™ Water Resistant Barrier
Two-Ply Hydro Tex combines the proven performance of our Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute® asphalt-saturated kraft paper with a drainable polymeric housewrap layer – packaged in a single labor-saving roll. HydroTex performs better than the country’s strictest building codes, including Oregon R703.1 Residential Specialty Code.

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