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Laminators Inc.

Laminators has produced custom metal-faced building panel systems for over 30 years, offering complete wall cladding systems, glazing or curtain wall applications, and retrofit systems. The breadth of panel system type allows competitive rebidding if required, without changing manufacturers.


Viroc is a composite material, composed by a compressed and dry mixture of pine wood particles and cement. It combines the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement, allowing a large range of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Viroc presents a non-homogeneous appearance, a product natural feature. Viroc can be factory calibrated/sanded (for applications requiring tighter tolerances). Once calibrated, presents visible wood particles on the surface.


Valchromat® A Forest of Colour

Valchromat is an innovative product that combines the natural features of wood to the brightness of colours and, because of its unique flexibility, allows exploring the third dimension, the beauty of textures and the best of engineering.



Our objective is to provide the world of architecture with unique materials that help architects design warm, beautiful, comfortable spaces that improve the quality of life.
Energy efficient buildings with the elegance of natural wood.


Thermostable Architectural Panel it is used as façade cladding with a wide range of colors modulations and thicknesses, guaranteeing an excellent appearance for a long time.

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